CMS System - Conversion: How to Backup CMS Data for Conversion

Backup CMS Data for Conversion

When you follow these instructions, your data will be made available to the conversions team. Once you have done this, do not use your CMS system. If you cannot log into CMS due to a Windows 10 Update, please use the following Help File Article to forward your zipped data to the Support/Conversions Team. Any data entered after you create this Online Backup will not be included in the converted data (your new system). 

  • Log into CMS and click File, then Backup
  • The following screen will display and you will select Online Backup.
  • Click the Up Arrow on the right side of the File Name field.

  • Note: you will get the following screen to alert you that it will take a moment to process. Click OK.

  • Once the FTP Online Backup Site has been accessed, the existing files will display. Select the last one by clicking the item as shown, then click Select. If you are backing up your Financial Data, the names of the files will display as FIN4WIN. The People/Contributions Data displays as CMS4WIN.

This will take you back to the initial Backup Screen, showing the name of the file.

Click OK to process the Backup.

Contact the Conversions Team to let them know you have backed up your data to the FTP Online Backup Site. Do not use the CMS system after this except to look up information. Nothing you add to CMS after this backup will be in the newly converted data.



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