LOGOS CONV - Conversion: Prepare Logos Accounting Files for Conversion to CNA

When converting from Logos to ConnectNow Accounting (CNA) there are several things of which you must be aware. These are addressed below. Keep in mind, another option to consider is not converting but creating a Chart of Accounts and entering history through either Monthly Summary Entries, Quarterly Summary Entries, Yearly Summary Entries (depending on how much history detail you need).


If you choose to convert:

All of your Funds will become Entities in CNA: This is the only way all historic reports/calculations can translate logically.  All Entities will have their own Net Asset Account (which correlates to the F, LT, LF account in Logos), Income Accounts, and Expense Accounts. There is more information on this later in the Article.

Connect Now Accounting uses Dimension codes to define Account Code Segments. For the best conversion experience, you will want to define all of your Account Code Segments in Logos before converting. The images and information below will show you how to define them and how they relate.

This is the way an Account will look in CNA (Image A). The Account Type (Income, Expense, Liability, Asset, Net Asset, etc.) will always be first. The second segment is always the Entity (correlating to the fund in Logos). When first converting, the Logos Segment Titles (Image C) will become the CNA Dimension Codes Titles (Image B)

(Image A)


In CNA, the (segment) Field Titles and the Dimension Codes are defined in Ledger & Payables, Setup, Define Account Code Levels. The Field Titles are defined on this screen (Image B). Then, clicking Define Levels allows you to define each segment of each account.

For example, Level 1 in the example below, (Segment) Field Title: Natural Account may have Dimension Code Definitions for the following accounts:

1000  Checking and Petty Cash

3000  Net Assets - Equity

(Image B)

Note: The above Image is post-conversion and since only 4 Levels were defined in Logos, the customer was then able to add a fifth segment and define those Levels in addition to those that converted from Logos to CNA.

Ledger & Payable, Setup, Define Account Code Levels

Prepare Logos for conversion: To ensure these segments translate into CNA correctly, you must go into Preferences, Chart/Accounts, Advanced. Click Next twice and the following screen will display (Image C). All segments must be marked as Required. All Segment Titles will become the Dimension Code Titles in ConnectNow Accounting (Image B).

(Image C) File, Preferences, Chart/Accounts, Advanced, Next





 Define Segment Codes

Once the Segments have been marked as Required in Logos (see the section just above), you may define each segment by clicking on the buttons under Choose the segment to define (Image D). Once you have defined your segments, they will import into Connect Now Accounting as Dimension Code Definitions.  The examples for Account would be the same here as above for Natural Account:


1000  Checking and Petty Cash

3000  Net Assets - Equity

(Image D) File, Preferences, Chart/Accounts


When you click each button, you would add the segment definition. These will translate to your Dimension Code Level Definitions in CNA.

(Image E)





All of your Funds will become Entities in CNA

Logos Funds are defined as F (Unrestricted), LF (Permanently Restricted), LT (Temporarily Restricted). For every Fund there is at least one Income and one Expense Account.

The segment used for Fund is defined by the Logos Administrator in File, Preferences, Chart/Accounts, Advanced as shown in Image C above.

In Logos, the 'Fund' Account Balance stays the same all year: There is a 'Begin Balance' and 'End Balance' which usually match throughout the year. When the year is closed, all Income and Expense Accounts for that Fund get rolled into the Fund Balance giving the next year a new Beginning Balance for that Fund. (Previous Year's Fund Beginning Balance + Fund Income - Fund Expense)

(Natural Account - Department - Fund)

Fund Example    : Type F (General Fund)     2900-000-00  2016 Beg Bal: 1,200,000

Income Example : Type I (Tithe)                 3000-000-00  2016 Tithe:    1,000,000

Expense Example: Type E (Parish Expenses) 5000-000-00  2016 Exp:         900,000

                                                                2900-000-00 2017 Beg Bal: 1,300,000


In ConnectNow Accounting, each Fund is called an Entity. Each Entity has its own Net Asset Account in place of the F, LF, or LT Accounts. The Entity is always the first numeric Segment in the Account Code. Just as in Logos each Fund Income and Expense figures roll into each F, LT, LF account balance, in CNA each Entity Income and Expense figures roll into each Entity's Net Asset Account.

Entity Example    : Type F (Church)        N-0-2900-000-00  2016 Beg Bal: 1,200,000

Income Example : Type I (Tithe)            I-0-3000-000-00  2016 Tithe:    1,000,000

Expense Example: Type E (Par Exp)       E-0-5000-000-00  2016 Exp:         900,000

                                                           N-0-2900-000-00 2017         Beg Bal: 1,300,000


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