PSA L&P - Budgets: How to create next year's budget

How to create next year's budget

In ParishSOFT Accounting, you may add three years worth of Budgets: Current Year Budget, Next Year Budget, and Next Year + 1 Budget. Note: as with reports, Current Year refers to your Current Accounting Period Year. Your Current Accounting Period is displayed in the upper right corner of your screen. When you later close the year, the Current Year Budget automatically becomes the Prior Year Budget, the Next Year Budget becomes the Current Year Budget, etc.

Two Budget Entry Methods

There are two possible entry Methods for adding the Budget: For either method, select Process →Budgets (See Image A). When you choose one of the three Budget options, your Budget Entry Screen for that accounting year will display. Budget Entry Method One: you may begin adding your Budget numbers right on this screen. Or, Budget Entry Method Two, you may use the Export Button at the bottom of the entry screen. This will create an excel spreadsheet into which the Budget may be entered and then imported. 


Ledger & Payables, Process (Image A) 



Budget Entry Method One: Enter the Budget right on the screen.

For information on filtering the Accounts on this Budget Entry Screen or on Clearing the current year budget or on using Numbers from your Previous Year Actual or Budget, please see the Online User's Guide, Chapter 13.


Budget Entry Method Two: Export the Budget to Excel, update the numbers there, and Import it through Ledger & Payables, Process, Import Budget. Note additional considerations below this image.

Please Note: There are three special considerations you must note if you plan to export the Budget to excel, add the Budget figures, and then import:

  1. You may not edit or remove any gray lines from an exported Budget Spreadsheet. You must leave all gray cells alone. If you change the gray cells, the Budget will not import.
  2. Secondly, if you export from the Current Year Budget option, make sure you only update the excel file with Current Year Budget figures. When you import from this spreadsheet, it will import to the Current Year Budget. The same logic applies to the other two Budget years.
  3. Before importing you must file your Budget Workbook as an xlsx Workbook.
  4. The budget must be unlocked to import.

For more information on entering Budgets from the screen, see Chapter 13 of our Online User Guide.


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