CNA Getting Started - Users: Add New and Designate Permissions

How to add a new user and set up permissions

Beyond the initial login provided for the your ConnectNow Accounting (CNA) users, the user(s) with Church Administrator designation may add new users. If your organization does not have any Church Administrator designations, you must contact your managing organization such as your diocese to add new users.

Add a New User and Set up Permissions

To add a new user, the Church Administrator must log into to CNA and click the Add a New User button (top/right). The form will display and each field must be filled in and the form submitted. This action creates a new User Profile. The second step to this process is to Manage Permissions for this new Profile.

Default Permissions include access to almost all accounting functions. Examples of functions that are not automatically included are Importing Entries and Spoiling Checks and Memorized Transactions. 

To update the Church User's Permissions, Click the Permissions Icon in the Church Manager tab. Under Quick Find, select the Profile you just created and click Select Person.

The following is a portion of the Permissions Screen: Yours will look different depending on the Modules you own.

Carefully consider which options your new User Profile should access. One item of particular interest may be the Prior Period Adjustments option. This will allow journal entries for Prior Month and Prior Year Adjustments. You may want to consider leaving this marked for only the Church Administrator login.

Once you have determined the Permissions for this new Profile, click Submit.

Note: All Permissions are dependent upon the overall organization's options (Consolidation Manager usually limited by your Managing Organization such as a diocese) and your Church Manager Options, selected and updated by the Church Administrator.

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