CNA L&P - EOY: Entities ~ An Entity is Listed that Should Not Be

An Entity is on my End of Year Routine which does not belong there. How do I remove it?

You will be required to associate a Net Asset Account to all Entities which are included in any Income or Expense Accounts.

If you go to Process End of Year and find two Entities listed when you only expect one, follow these steps:

Go to Accounts.

Click 'Find Accounts.'

Use the CTRL-F keys and in the find field enter -#- where # is the Entity you did not expect to find on your End of Year routine. Using the dashes on either side will help narrow down the results.

If you find an account which uses that entity, click the Go button to look at the account.

If the Account has a balance, you must transfer the balance from that account to the correct one, then archive the Account.

Once you have Archived all Income and Expense Accounts with that Entity in the Account Code, it should no longer show up in the End of Year Routine.

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