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How do I import Payroll processed by a third party payroll company?

When you import Payroll, a Journal Entry will be created which may be modified after import.

Begin using an Excel Spreadsheet that either you created or that is provided by your Third Party Payroll Company. You will save this as a CSV File Format.

The spreadsheet will not have headers and each column will contain the following information:

Column A: Shortcut

Column B: Date

Column C: Amount (see below for Amount Column Format)

Column D: Comment (with NO punctuation)

Warning: Make sure there are NO Commas in any fields.

Column C Format: Number, 2 Decimal places, No Comma, top option with negative sign.

Accounting Note: Negative Numbers will Reduce the Account Balance and Positive Numbers will Increase the Account Balance. For example, a negative amount for the Checking Account Shortcut will reduce the Checking Account Balance by that amount. Conversely, a positive amount for an Expense Account Shortcut will increase the Expense Balance by that amount.

The sum total of the Amount Column must equal zero. If you use the sum function to verify the Amount Column Total is zero, remove that sum before importing the file. Make sure there are no extra fields beyond the transactions you want to import anywhere on the spreadsheet.

Save the file in a CSV format

Once you have formatted Column C (Amount) correctly, save the file as a CSV format. Some Excel Applications will provide the CSV option right in the Save As Menu. Others will require using the Other Formats Option where you may select the file time from the drop-down menu.

Now that our file is set up and formatted correctly, log into ConnectNow Accounting (CNA) to import the file. In Ledger & Payables, Select Process, Import Payroll.

Browse to the CSV spreadsheet file you either created or which was sent by your Payroll Processing Company.

You may find the template by following the Link on the Import Payroll Screen. 

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