DFS Family Directory - Troubleshooting: Microsoft Security Removing 4.2.02

Recently it has come to our attention that an update to Microsoft's various security programs (Windows Security Essentials, Microsoft Defender, etc.) has marked ParishSOFT ver. 4.2.02 as a Trojan virus. 

Specifically the .exe files for Family Directory, Offering and Pledges, Religious Ed, and Time & Talent. 

In doing so Windows is quarantining/removing those files preventing you from logging into ParishSOFT.


There is a fix though!


First and foremost an exception needs to be made for ParishSOFT in your Microsoft Antivirus software

  1. Open up either Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender and go to your settings
  2. Choose "excluded files and locations"
  3. Browse or type in C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\ParishSOFT this should be your default location for all ParishSOFT programs
  4. Select "Add"


After this it is time to run the update for 4.2.02 on your computer. Running the update will restore the missing programs without needing to uninstall and reinstall ParishSOFT.


How to update your ParishSOFT software to version 4.2.2

  • First, back up your database and report files.
  • Open a web browser and go to http://parishsoft.com/support/updates/files/parishsoft-update422.exe
  • When the file has finished downloading make sure you and all others are out of all ParishSOFT applications.
  • Open your Downloads folder and locate the parishsuite-update422.exe file. Right-click on the file, and click “Run as administrator” OR make sure that you’re logged in as a Windows administrator.
  • Be sure to enter the password exactly to open this zip file: 7eG95A
  • Follow the prompts through the update.
  • When the software update completes open any module of ParishSOFT and allow the Version change to run on your database.
  • Copy the ParishSuiteUpdate422.exe to the SharedUpdates folder at your database location.
    • You can find your database location listed on the About screen just above the ParishSOFT Information button.
    • This will allow any other computers running ParishSOFT to easily update their software.


If you are still experiencing issues after running this you may need assistance from a local IT specialist to handle you Antivirus Software or contact our support team in order to upgrade to a newer version of ParishSOFT desktop. 

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