DFS Family Directory - System: Run Compact & Repair and Database Maintenance

How to run a compact and repair

Running a Compact and Repair/Database Maintenance will improve performance and correct errors in the database.

Compact and Repair and Database Maintenance can speed up the performance of ParishSOFT Desktop Software and correct some other issues. Running these processes is a step in troubleshooting several different issues.

  1. Open ParishSOFT Database Utilities (C:\Program Files (x86)\ParishSOFT\psdbutilities)
  2. Back up the ParishSOFT database.
    • Go to the directory containing the ParishSOFT database (which you can find in the top line of psdbutilities).
    • Right-click on the database file.
    • Select Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder.
  3. Make sure all other users are out of the ParishSOFT database.
  4. Click Compact & Repair.
    • You will get a warning message: "You are requesting an action which requires an exclusive lock on the database. There CANNOT be any other users or applications connected to the database except this program. When finished this program must be restarted, proceed with your request?"
    • If other users are accessing the database we must put the database on the Desktop and map to that database location before proceeding with the Compact & Repair
    • Click Yes. If other users are accessing the database, the Compact & Repair process will return a failure message without affecting the database.
    • The Database Utilities window will stop responding for several minutes and return a message: "Compact and Repair utility completed successfully!"
  5. Click Database Maintenance.
    • A window will open: "Getting ready to run the Database Maintenance utility. Proceed?" Click Yes.
    • The Database Utilities window will stop responding for several minutes--usually longer than the Compact and Repair. When it is finished, you will not get a message but you will be able to close Database Utilities. 
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