CNA L&P - Budget Reports


This article will provide information about reports that can be used for budget reports, some of which are not in the Reports/Budget section!

 The standard budget reports available in CNA can be found in Ledgers and Payables Reports Budget


The Budget Worksheet and be printed in detail or summary and the report columns are:


The Monthly Budget/History report has the following options:


Other reports in the system have options that provide information about budgets:

The Statement of Activities:

  • allows up to 9 customized columns
  • has many budget column options
  • you can order the columns however you would like to
  • the report format can be either Detail or Summary
  • report column options are:
    • CM budget
    • NY month (as of same month as current)
    • NY + 1 (as of same month as current)
    • YTD budget
    • Annual budget
    • LY Annual budget
    • NY Annual budget
    • NY + 1 budget
    • CM budget vs. current month actual
    • CM as a % of month budget
    • YTD budget vs. YTD actual
    • Annual budget vs. YTD actual
    • Annual budget less YTD budget
    • YTD actual as a % of YTD budget
    • YTD actual as a % of  Annual budget
    • YTD budget as a % of Annual budget
    • YTD LY budget
    • YTD budget LY less YTD budget this year
    • Annual budget LY less Annual budget this year

[CM=Current month, NY=Next year, YTD=Year to date, LY=Last year]




The Statement of Activities with Date Range has the following budget column selections:


The Statement of Activity by Entity and the Statement of Activities Columnar by Level have an option to print the report Budget or Actual.


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