CNA Getting Started - Reports

Set up ConnectNow Accounting for Printing or Previewing Reports

To print reports in ConnectNow Accounting:

1. You must be using one of our supported browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC must be installed on your computer and it must be updated to the most recent version.

3. Your Pop-Up Blocker must have an exception for site.


Install Adobe Acrobat DC

You may use the following link to Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on your local computer.

Note: ConnectNow Accounting uses the Adobe Acrobat Reader for all Reports, forms, checks, print preview, etc.

Make sure Adobe Acrobat is the one being used

You may need to right-click on any PDF file you currently have on your computer, then select the Open With option. Then choose Adobe Acrobat DC. This will ensure all PDFs open in Adobe which is important in ConnectNow Accounting.


Pop-Up Blocker Exception- Add your own ConnectNow Accounting Site as an exception

This article will show you how to allow Pop-Ups for site when using FireFox as your Browser.

To allow site to use pop-ups in Internet Explorer, click Tools, Pop-up Blocker, and add your own site.

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