Facility Scheduler - Restoring Data to Hosted

If you can get a copy of the backup from your Desktop or other Host and put it in your C:\Temp folder of your local drive, you may restore the data at your own convenience. Simply Follow these instructions:


1. Log into Go-Global Using your Go-Global Profile provided by ParishSOFT. (contact support if you have not received these credentials or if you forgot your password).

2. Log into Logos Using the Username we provide: Master Password: not published in Help Articles


Please note: if there are additional users that had Logos login credentials in the system you are coming from, these will have to be re-created in this new instance of the software. The following Help Article may prove useful:



3. Click on System & Users, then, Restore Data

4. Leave the items marked as they are and click Next.

5. On the next screen, click Browse Button and Look for the Client C (M:), temp folder.

Why does this drive have such a strange name? All local drives are usually Labeled the 'C' drive. Since our Hosted Server has it's own C drive, it must call your local drive by a different letter. It calls your local drive M.

6. Select the Backup you just put in your C:\Temp folder and click OK. Then click Next & Process.

7. Answer Yes to the Pop-Up screen.

Your data has now been restored.  

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