DFS Offering - Reports: How to hide unwanted fields in ParishSOFT Reports

A word of caution: Be very careful what you do in the design view of reports, especially to “unbound” fields. Never delete or move one of these. Due to the sensitive nature of the report designs, we recommend you create back up of that report before you attempt to customize it.


  1.  To create a backup of that report, open it in the print preview window as if you were about to print it. Go to the File menu or Office Button and choose Save As. In the File Name box in the bottom-center of the screen, put in the word “Original” at the end of the file name with no spaces in it. Ex. “SampleReportOriginal”. Close out of ParishSOFT reports and then get back in.

  2. Next, open the report you wish to edit.

  3. Once the report is previewed, right-click and choose Report Design or Design View.

  4. Maximize the window, and then left click the field you wish to hide once so that small boxes (sizing handles) appear around that text box.

  5. Right-click on the selected field and go to Properties.

  6. In the Format tab, look for the “Visible” field and change that from “Yes” to “No.”

  7. Click the X in the upper right corner of the Properties window to close it.

  8. Go to the File menu or the Office button and select Save.

  9. Click the Print Preview button in the upper left of your screen to verify the box is gone. The Print Preview button description is also “View.”

  10. Once this process is complete, that field will no longer be visible anytime you print that report.

Note: The next time you are ready to update your ParishSOFT applications; the update will replace your current reports file. In order to preserve your customized changes, you will either need to make the changes again or you will need to backup your reports file and then import the customized report back into the new reports file.

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