LA GL - Journal Entries: How to Reverse a GL transaction in Excel

  • In GL, go to Batch List, look up and select the batch, and then click Next
  • On the Output Destination Screen, choose Export, and then choose the file format Microsoft Excel 5.0 or greater
  • Click Print to generate the file, and choose where to save it. 
  • Open the exported file in Excel. 
  • Add a new column (usually column G) to the Right of the “famount” column (column F). 
  • Cut and paste the “famount” header to the new column G (leaving the old amount column F with no header). 
  • Insert the following formula into G2: “=F2*-1” (this takes the old amount value, and multiplies it by negative one). 
  • Copy and paste the formula down Column G, for every row with data. 
  • Select column M, “fcheck_account.” 
  • Ctrl + F to bring up the Find window, and then click the Replace tab. 
  • In the Find field, enter a negative sign (-), and leave the Replace With field blank. Click Replace All. (Note: this is done because the transaction exports with a negative sign in front of the Check Account number for some rows, which cannot be imported.) 

  • Save your changes, and close Excel (the import will not work if the file is open).
  • Back in GL, go to General Ledger -> Import/Export -> Import Data From File.
  • Choose the same transaction type as the original transaction (CD, CR, GJ), browse to your file using the Browse […] button, and then click Import.
  • The column mapping screen should appear. If you moved the header from the old amount column (F) to your new column (G), then you shouldn’t have to map anything, simply click Ok.
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