LA - EOY: Year End Issues

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

  1. A Vendor 1099 is missing or wrong. This means they didn’t have a that vendor defined as a 1099 vendor, under Manage Vendors, on the Personal tab. They must first define that form (1099 Misc.). However, that change does not retroactively add in their previous transactions with that vendor to the form. They can manually add a balance, under Manage Vendors -> Year to Date. Please see our Help File: Vendor 1099 missing or wrong
  2. Customer (payer) information is out of date on form. They have to go to File -> Preferences -> Banking -> IRS & State Forms to define this info. 
  3. Hosted customer has trouble with alignment of form (1099 or W2). sending to PDF, then printing the PDF actual size, should deal with this. Please see our Help File: Tax Form: Alignment Issues
  4. Non-hosted customer has problem with form alignment. Try the same thing as #3 above (margins first, then try sending to PDF), making sure to print the PDF as actual size. 
  5. You have made changes to vendor or employee info, and it’s not appearing when they run the forms. Both tax forms have a recalculate button, which will clear any manual changes to the form, and re-add it based on changes made to the data it’s pulling from. If you’ve made several manual adjustments to multiple people’s forms, you may want to only recalculate the one form, rather than all of them. 
  6. Customer needs to change W2 information on payments an employee received. Logos Accounting has a routine called Edit Payroll Check History, which allows users to change information for tax forms, without posting anything to their ledger. It’s kind of a strange beast, but it basically works by employee, by paycheck. You can change an individual paycheck, or even add one. Another online help article on this routine is here: Logos Program Help Files: Edit Payroll Check History.
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