LA GL - Bank Reconciliation: Look up and Reverse Bank Reconciliation Adjustment Entries

Start the following process by backing up your data. If this ‘fix’ doesn’t fix things, you may want to restore the data to the before fix state before addressing the issue again.

  • Select the General Ledger Tab. 
  • Select Other Reports from the Ribbon. 
  • Select Journal Reports from the dropdown menu.



  • For Journal type, you must choose the CB (Check Book) from the drop down menu. 
  • Use either: ‘Period’ or ‘Date’ to find the entry. If you know the exact date, use the By Date and enter a narrow range, or even the exact date. 
  • This example is different from your exact circumstance, but just follow the idea.







  • You may not use a CB entry, because those are only created through entries in the Reconciliation. However, you may use type ‘GJ.’




  • You must post this reversal.  
  • Now you must address the reason you created the adjustment originally.
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