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Logos Payroll W2 form alignment

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Make sure you are on the most recent version of Adobe Reader and that Adobe Reader is set as your default PDF reader. 

Run the W2 routine, choosing only to run the form for two employees to test this out. 

On the Output Destination screen, choose Send to PDF, and click Print. You will be asked to enter a file name, and then save the document to your local hard drive (the server maps your local C:\ drive as M:\). 



The PDF will open in Adobe Reader, in Go-Global. Close it. 

Open the PDF on your local computer. It should be located in C:\temp, with the file name you gave it in Step #2. 

Print the form from Adobe Reader. In the printer dialog, make sure that the document is set to print Actual Size, and not set to fit to the page. Note: if you do not get this option, go to Adobe’s website and update to the most recent Adobe Reader release. If it doesn’t have this option it is likely that you are not on the most recent version of adobe reader.



If the text is at all out alignment, make the appropriate adjustments under Page Setup in step #2, and then repeat. Once you are satisfied with the output, print the other employees’ W2s. 


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