CNG - Offering: Integrating ConnectNow Giving with ConnectNow Family Suite Offering

How to connect ConnectNow Giving to our ConnectNow Family Suite Offerings so donations automatically update the family's giving history's (known as CNG Integration)

To set up ConnectNow Giving Integration follow these four steps:

Step 1: In Family Suite go to Administration > Module Settings > Offering. Click ConnectNow Giving, and enable both ConnectNow Giving Options. Save these Settings.

Step 2: To enable integration in ConnectNow Giving go to Organization>ChMS Integration. 

Enter in the URL (web address) the parish uses to access the Family Suite. The church must not include anything after the customer region name designation on the URL or alternatively: 

Once that has been added the church also needs to add its Organization ID.

Step 3: Map the funds: The church may now map its funds.

ConnectNow Giving > 1) Organization  > 2) Fund Management >


Click on the heading “Fund Name” to alphabetize list.

Then, 1) click on “Actions” to the right of the fund, and choose “Edit.” 2) Change the Fund Codes to the Fund ID from ConnectNow Offering.  Save.  Perform this function for all funds that will be used in ConnectNowGiving.

Step 4: Assign the integration key: In ConnectNow Giving > Donors  > (next to a donor's name and to the right) 1)Action > 2) Edit Profile > 3) Enter the integration key in the Envelope Number field. Save the changes.


Donor Integration - how the software knows to which record to assign the donation

Donor integration happens automatically whenever a donation is made.  The automatic integration works like this:

  1. The program looks to see if the donor's Family Suite family DUID [EX: John and Jane Smith (11223)] or member DUID [EX: John Smith Member DUID: 22449] is in the ConnectNow Giving Envelope field as (F_11223) or (M_22449).  If either is the case it will connect the donation to that family or member.
  2. If #1 is not true it will look for a family with the same email address as is listed in their ConnectNow Giving account and put the donation in that family record.
  3. If neither of the above is true, it will look for a member with the same email address as is listed in their ConnectNow Giving account and put the donation in that member record.
  4. If none of the above is true, it will go through the same process as #2 and #3 looking for the ConnectNow Giver's Phone number in the Family Suite.
  5. If none of the above is true, it will create a new family record, mark it as Unregistered with Family Group: Associated Family, and will put the contribution in that family record.





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