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How to set up Family Suite and ParishSOFT Giving for integration

Also described as, "How to connect ParishSOFT Giving to our ParishSOFT Family Suite Offering so donations automatically update the family's giving histories" (known as PSG Integration)


Transactions which have been submitted to ParishSOFT Giving before integration is turned on will not integrate to ParishSOFT Family Suite. Just before turning on integration, export contributions one last time for import into Family Suite. 

To set up ParishSOFT Giving Integration follow these four steps:


Step 1: Enable ParishSOFT Giving Options and ParishSOFT Giving Integration

In Family Suite go to Administration → Module Settings 

  1. Select Offering.
  2. Select ParishSOFT Giving
  3. Enable the ParishSOFT Giving Option.
  4. Save these Settings.


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Step 2: Add the Family Suite web address and your organization ID to the giving site

  1. To go into the ChMS Integration page, click the Gear action button in the upper right corner then select the ChMS Integration card.

  2. Enter the original URL (web address) the parish formerly used to access the Family Suite. The church must not include anything after the customer region name designation on the URL. Some examples of the original URLs may be found here. (most customers) or alternatively, 

  3. Once that has been added the church also needs to add its Organization ID


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Step 3: Map the funds

  1. To go into the Fund Management page, click the Gear action button in the upper right corner then select the Fund Management card.  For a thorough step-through of mapping funds, see this article: How to map funds in ParishSOFT Giving's Integration Feature. Here is a general overview.
  2. Click on the heading Fund Name to alphabetize the list.  
  3. Click on Actions to the right of the fund, and choose Edit. and update the Fund Code.
    • Change the Fund Code to the Fund ID from ParishSOFT Offering and SavePerform this function for all funds that will be used in ParishSOFT Giving.


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Step 4: Assign the integration key

In ParishSOFT Giving select Donors from the Navigator Bar.

You may skip this step if the integration key was automatically assigned when integration was turned on. If the Giver's profile name and Email address match with their PSFS record then the envelope # field will automatically populate (when Integration is turned on). If the two fields do not match, then the integration key will have to be located in the Match Profiles area. 

  1. Next to a donor's name and to the right select Action
  2. Select View Donor Details 

  3. Select the Match Profiles button.

    • The integration key is the Family DUID (F_####) or the Member DUID (M_####).
    • The DUID will show in the Matches ChMS DOnor Profiles area. (DUIDDio Unique IDentification).
    • The DUID can be listed in the Family List or the Member List screens. Or, if you click on the name, the DUID will show at the top of the record in parenthesis.  
  4. Fill in the first name, last name, and email address fields at the bottom, then click Search Again.  When it finds the correct family with a matching email address select the bubble next to the possible match found and click the green Match button at the bottom. 


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Donor Integration - how the software knows to which record to assign the donation

If a family/member record has previously been matched with a PS Giving (PSG) donation, the family/member ParishSOFT Family Suite (PSFS) DUID will often be populated in the Giving Site's Match Profiles area, and all future donations from that family/member will automatically post to their Family Suite record based on the match that is made in the giving site (and displayed in the Match Profiles area).  The Giving system will match records or suggest matches to records based on the following: First Name, Last Name, Email.

  • To check on this, within Giving look in the donor's Match Profiles area to see if the donor's Family Suite family DUID [EX: John and Jane Smith (11223)] is in the Giving Match Profiles area (like so: F_11223) or to see if a member DUID [EX: John Smith Member DUID: 22449] is in the Giving Match Profiles area (like so: M_22449). If either is the case any donations made by that family/member will connect automatically to that family/member record.


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