LA GL - Deposits: Import LII Contribution Batch into Logos Accounting When Not Linked

How to import a Deposit Batch from Logos II Contributions into Logos General Ledger

In Logos II, File, Preferences, Contributions, you must have the box marked to Save Contributions to GL during Post before posting the Contributions Batch.

To import the deposits, you would select the General Ledger Tab, and the Import/Export Utility to Import from Application.

The next screen will allow you to browse for the GLTRANS.DBF file which is stored in the Logos\Data folder (where Data is the name of your data folder); You will browse up one level, click on Logos, then data, then GLTRANS.DBF.

After completing this import, you will then see the data in the General Ledger/Individual Transactions routine. There, you may edit, delete, or post the batch.









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