LA AP - Checks: Processing AP checks for Direct Deposit


There are three ways to record an AP Direct Deposit. One is to  Set up Vendor for EFT Processing and then mark it as Pre-Paid & EFT. The other two are: Mark the invoice as Pre-Paid - or – simply [Print] them:

Mark them as Pre-Paid: You may click the [Next] button for a system generated check number.



2. Click [Done] again, to be taken to the screen to
Then, select 
The following report will print:

And you will be automatically taken into the Export E-Pay/Ach to Processor option.

The second way is to print the check right from the invoice entry screen when not marked as Pre-Paid

Enter the information and then click [Print Check]

You will be prompted with the next PRINTED check number. This will not be use as you are processing a direct deposit, but it comes up anyway.

Select [Print] and again, the system will act like it is going to print checks. Indeed, if you do have any checks to print in this batch, they will print. But even if you do not, it will take you through this routine.
When you select [ok], a paper check stub will print- when sent to printer ‘void’ will not be on it.

You will then be prompted to Select and Post Batches

Next, you will get the Posting screen 

Choosing to post will give you the following report:

And finally you will be prompted to Export

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