LA AP - Invoices: Recurring Transactions

When you set up recurring transactions, you may categorize them.

Recurring only posts when you select the button, ‘Select & Post Invoices’ from the Recurring Transactions icon. It will post only those items that have a ‘Next Date’ on or before the current Active date.

Once you have clicked the ‘Select & Post Invoices’ button, you get the following screen:

As you can see, you have the choice to either Copy the recurring transactions to the current list of AP Transactions (they can then be found in Individual Transactions) This is simply a list of invoices you have in your system. You may post them or delete them.

Or, you may mark the option to ‘Post your current Recurring Entries.’

If your recurring entry is marked as EFT it will be shown in the system when you post as paid.

If your recurring entry is not marked as EFT it will be posted as an invoice in Select Items for Payment where you may choose to ‘Reverse it’ with restore—which will put it into Individual Transactions, or without restore which will delete it, or you may choose to Pay it.
ShapeFinally, you have another option within both of these—and that is to only post those items that fall into a specific category. The first example shows the recurring payment set up as Category Sporadic. When I select that category, only those will be posted or copied.

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