LA AP - Transfer funds From one fund to another where Bank Accounts are involved

This is just one way to do this. You may also do this transfer through AP Individual Transactions, using the fund transfer accounts in the line items.

General Ledger, Individual Transactions:

CD = Cash disbursement (will show on the bank rec. for the GL account in transaction)
CR = Cash receipts (will show on the bank rec. for the GL account in transaction)

TRANSFER ACCOUNTS: we recommend the use of transfer accounts when transferring funds. Often, transfer accounts start in the 99 series of account numbers. Later, if you do not want the transfer accounts to show on the Statement of Activities you may eliminate all accounts which begin with 99..

This example transfers funds from one Bank Account to another but also from fund 03 to fund 02 using transfer accounts.

If you want to simply transfer funds from one bank account to another, we suggest adding a transaction in AP Individual Transactions and if you do not need to print a check for a transfer, mark it as EFT Already Paid.

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