LII Attendance - Promotion: How to set up, promote, and increment grade for students

How to set up, promote, and increment grade for students

This assumes you have students enrolled in classes

This document shows you how to:

  1. Set up groups for promotion
  2. Promote a class of students
  3. Remove Students (from last class)
  4. Individual Promotion (single student)
  5. Use Quick Update to increment the Grade which displays in Manage People;
  6. Create a new attendance year


Set up groups for promotion (only done once unless groups change)

Manage Groups – Promote your students

To prepare for the promotion process, you must set up each class (or group) with the promotion information.

  • Create Promotion Groups within the Attendance tab, Manage Groups option.
    Select each class one at a time(1).
  • Click the Promotion tab in the lower right corner of the window(2).
  • Click on the Promote to button(3).
  • Select the class from the list this class will be promoted to(4).
  • The Level1-Level4 tabs will populate with the promotion selection.

Please note:

  • The Grade field on the promotion tab only needs to be filled in if it's a split-grade or multi-grade class.  If left blank, all of the children in the class will be promoted regardless of the grade entered in their Personal Information.
  • If it is a split level class, enter the number of the highest grade in the CURRENT class you wish to promote.  The promotion utility compares this field with the grade field in the personal information tab (Manage People Record).
  • If the two grade fields match, this person will be promoted
  • If the Personal Information grade field is blank, this person will be promoted
  • If the Personal Information grade field is greater than the Promotion grade field, this person will be moved to the next level.
  • All the younger children will remain behind for the next year. 

Please note: If your Attendance Groups records are showing up in a different order than you wish, click on the ‘Modify Group Order’ icon and move them.

Select the row you want to move and drag it to where you want it to be.


Promote Students

Once you have all of the promotion groups set up, you will be ready to Promote your students to the Next Class. (This is assuming you have students enrolled in an existing class. If not, see notes on enrolling students).

Before promoting your students, you may want to make a decision about the current students in the very last class or group. See Step 6 below to help with that. If they don’t have anywhere to go, and you do not remove them from their class, they will be kept in with the newly promoted students.

To promote the students, click on the [Attendance] tab, go to ‘Other Utilities>Attendance Promotion. You will be prompted to backup your data first. This is always wise.

Then you will be taken to a screen which allows you to select which classes you would like to promote. Uncheck those who you do not want to promote. You may expand each folder to see all the subcategories.

Click, [next]. Enter the date you want this promotion to be in effect.

Viewing the new class list after promotion: After promoting your students, you must set your Active Date to the first date of the next class to see the promotion results. Set the Active date by clicking [File], ‘Set Active Date.’ Viewing the list on any date prior to that first class will show the previous set of students.


Remove Students
Where do the students in your last class go? Or, how to remove people from any class. You may get a message that one or more of your groups was not promoted. Check to make sure you have a promotion group for every group except the last class. There are several things you may do with your last group or to remove anyone from any class.

You could remove them from their classes manually via ‘Update Attendance.’ 

1)Select the class, and OK to get a student list for that class.

Highlight the student’s name and click Delete. Read your options and select according to how you want the history to be maintained.

Or instead, you may remove them from the class by using the Quick Update screen.

Mark Attendance Enroll/Remove/Move

Click the Attendance tab and mark Group and only the last class

Follow the prompts to continue. Please Note: This will bring up a list of all the students currently in the 4th grade (my last class). If I delete any students from this list, they will not be removed from the fourth grade class. Delete in this case means delete from the list. You may want to delete your teachers from this list. If this list is correct, (a list of those you want to remove from the class) simply click [Next]

You now may mark the Remove option and select which class you want to remove them from. You also may select the date you want this to be in effect. Click [Next] and [Process]. My last class is now empty, and waiting for the new class to be promoted.


Individual Promotion

Go into Attendance Update and

  • select the class you want to move the student from.
  • Select the student
  • Click on [Change Person]
  • Select the new class to which you want to change the student.


Increment Grade field (in Manage People Grade field)

Using Quick Update to Increment the Grade or to move/remove/enroll
It is important to note that even when you promote your students, the promotion process does not increment the grade field in the Personal Information section of Manage People. You must do this individually for each student, or use Quick Update to increment the students’ grade level all at once.

See notes in the help file for what to do with the end group.
To remove a student or students, you mark the Attendance Enroll/Remove/Move

The next screen is the filter screen where you can select all students in a particular grade or age range if you select by the People tab, or all students enrolled in a particular area. After you click ‘Next,’ you will then get a list of all the students that meet your selection criteria. Only keep those students on the list you want to Enroll/Remove/Move from the class. In this routine, you can only do one of those functions at a time. I would run the routine to move all students from one class to the next and then run it again to remove any remaining students that are no longer in any class at the church.

On this list, I have placed a checkmark on all the students I do not want to remove from this class. There is only one I am going to remove from the class, Stephanie Hernandez. So, I marked all the other students and will click delete. This will delete the students I marked, from the list of students I want to remove from the class.

Now, I will click Next and enter the class I want to remove her from. Very important is the ‘Date Removed’ field. When you look up the class before this date, Stephanie will be in the class list. After this date, she will not.

On the last page, simply click ‘Process.’ This will remove the student from the class.
You will follow the same instructions for moving the students, except it will ask where to move them from and where to move them to.

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