LII People - Duplicates: Find and Remove

This sheet will show you how to check for Duplicate Records how to either delete or  flag and remove duplicate items.

  1. Backup up your data
  2. Check for Duplicates by running the Export People Data utility:
  3. As demonstrated in the Help Article, you would select the Advanced export options and select Individual Merge 1 per person.
  4. When you get to the Search Criteria Screen, you may want to filter the records by criteria that is meaningful to your search. For example, you may want to select only those records with ID = .01.
  5. This should be exported to a ‘Delimited with Comma’ spreadsheet, where you can sort it by any field you wish, and scour it for duplicate entries with slight spelling variation.
  6. Carefully select which item you want to flag for deletion. If there are contributions attributed to both entries, be careful to transfer any contribution history from the one you are deleting to the one you are keeping. If you print the report in the Delete Flagged routine, it will give you the last time they gave.
  7. Three fields you might want to sort on and examine are Last Name, First Name, and member ID. There may be someone in the system twice because they are a ‘child’ record to their parents, but have now grown and married and they are also their own .01 or .02 record.



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