LII Contributions - Batch: Void Contribution Batch

How to Void a Contribution Batch

If you are planning to re-post this batch after voiding it, you must set the active date to the date which you would like the restored batch to reflect. All of the transactions in the restored batch will be dated the current active date.

To void a batch, click the Void Contributions Icon  then click Void Batch.

A.  If you want to make changes and repost the batch, mark “Restore Batch to unposted Contributions.”

B.  The View transactions dated date span will limit the number of batches you must scroll through to select the batch you want to void.

C. If Voiding this batch will update your Logos Accounting data, enter a date you would like the GL to show the voided transaction in Accounting. Again, when you repost the batch, the GL will be updated.

The next screen will show all the batches that were posted during the date range you entered. You may enter the Batch# in the Batch# window and click  Re-Select  to limit the selection further. Once the batch you want to void is in the window, check the box to the left of the batch and then click the Next button.

The Batch will display (screen shot below). Click on the Void Data button.

This will void this batch and offer you a printed report for your records.

Also, if you have restored it, you may go to Enter Contributions, then modify and re-post the batch. Or, you may add new transactions to this batch by clicking the Edit Batch Button.

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