LII Contributions - Batch: change transaction dates for many items in a posted or unposted batch at once

Change the date for many items in a posted or an unposted batch all at once

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

If you have posted your batch but now want to change the transaction dates, you must void the batch before changing the dates. However, if you do not need to void a batch, skip down the page for how to modify the batch.

1)  Set your Active Date to the date you want the restored transactions to reflect.

2) Select Void Contributions ensuring to mark the Restore Batch to unposted Contributions option.

Once you have Voided the Batch using the Restore Option, you will find the Restored Batch in the Data Entry Screen, Enter Contributions.


Modify the Batch

1) Click on the icon for Enter Contributions.

2) Highlight the Batch whose transaction dates you need to change and click the Magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the grid.

3) At this point, if you Voided the transactions using the restore option, the transaction dates will be the same as the Active Date. If you are satisfied the dates are correct, you may post your batch. If not, continue to the next step.

4) Click the Change Date button at the bottom left of the Grid. To change the date for all items dated the same, use the Selected Date option. You then enter the wrong date in the From field and the correct date in the To field. If instead you want to change all of the dates in a certain group of line items (or all line items) and they are not dated the same, you may choose the Select Line Range, enter the from and to lines and the date you want to change them to.

5) Click the Save button at the lower right corner of the grid and Post the Batch.

6) You will be prompted for information necessary to update your Logos Accounting data. If you do not use Logos Accounting or you do not have Logos II automatically update Logos Accounting either through program links or through import, simply click ok to move forward. If you do use this feature, and if you just voided a batch, the accounting data will be updated twice. The first time when you void the batch, reversing transactions will be sent to the Accounting module. Then, when you repost the batch (or if you are posting it for the first time), the deposit transactions will be created in your Accounting Module.


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