LII Contributions - Reassign Envelope Numbers

This  Quick Update  option uses the Search criteria window to select the individuals to whom you wish to assign new envelope numbers. You may quickly reassign all current envelope numbers or assign new numbers to a selected group of individuals. (This routine does not define a donor's Account Type, which is done when envelope numbers are assigned through the Create New Envelopes routine.)


After running this procedure, you will need to run the Post New Envelopes routine to finish the process. Until you run that routine, no envelope numbers will be changed.
When reassigning all envelope numbers, mark the Clear all Envelope Numbers check box before proceeding. If this check box is not marked, you must make sure that the numbers that will be assigned are outside the range of any existing numbers.
Because this option is intended for either reassigning all numbers or issuing a series of new numbers outside the range of existing numbers, it does a limited check on whether the numbers that it is assigning already have been assigned. If it finds that the number it is trying to assign is already in use by a different person, the routine will increment that number and check again. This procedure will make a maximum of 100 attempts to increment and assign a number. After that many attempts, it will assign the next number in sequence without checking, before continuing similarly through the list.
The "Envelope #s must be unique" setting on the Contributions Preferences screen has no impact here.
Select Records to Update
On the Search Criteria tab, select those to be given new numbers. For example:
To assign an envelope number to all active donors, select the Family tab, choose Active Donor from the Field list, then choose Is Equal To True as the Operator/Value.
To reassign an envelope number to all donors with current numbers, select the Family tab, choose Envelope Number, then choose Is Greater or Equal Than 1.
To assign an envelope number to adults only, include ID Number Is Equal To 0.01 in your criteria. (If any persons defined as a Spouse have a Single Account, add additional criteria, separated from the first line by the Or condition and enclosed in parentheses: ID Number is Equal to 0.02 AND (assumed) Contribution Acct Type Begins with "S".

Reassign Envelope Numbers
After selecting and verifying the individuals to update, the next screen gives these options:
Starting Envelope # — Type the lowest number in the series of envelopes being assigned.
If reassigning all envelopes, mark the "Clear all…" check box below and enter the lowest number desired.
If reassigning only some envelopes or adding envelope numbers to a selected range of persons, make sure that the Starting Number and the rest of the series of numbers being defined will not duplicate any existing numbers.
Reassign #s in order by — Choose either:
In Order by Name
In Order by ID Number
How to Assign
Choose what to do if two or more family members fit the Search Criteria (children as well as their parents). A married couple defined as a Joint account will have the Envelope number assigned to the Head (.01) record only.
Assign different number to selected family members — Accept this option to assign selected children different numbers from their parents
Assign same number to selected family members - Select this option if you assign children the same envelope numbers as their parents.
If you do not assign envelope numbers to children, include ID Number Is Less or Equal Than 0.02 in your criteria. Then only adults will be selected and these options will have no effect.
Clear all Envelope Numbers in advance for All Persons First — Mark this check box if you are globally reassigning numbers and want to be sure no current envelope numbers remain in anyone's record. Thus, even if your Search Criteria does not select everyone with a current number in order to assign a new one, none of the old numbers will remain.
Select the Next button or press Alt+N to move to the final screen.
End of Year
See Secretary's Assistant (File menu) for help with other end of year functions.

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