CNA Reports - Account Balance vs A/P Aging: GL account does not agree

This article will provide tips on how to find the difference if the A/P Report and the Account Balance Report do not agree.

This article applies only to accrual basis customers

 There are two reports you need to reconcile A/P:

  1. The Account Balance Report (Reports>Accounts>Account Balance Report).
  2. The A/P Aging Report (Reports>Transactions>A/P Aging Detail by Period).

The two reports should agree!



Troubleshooting tips if they do not agree:

How much is the difference? When did the problem start?

  • It's easier to search for the problem if you can narrow down when the difference was created.  You could use an spreadsheet to help you. We suggest that you run the two reports as of the beginning of the year to see if the problem is in prior years. If it is in a prior year, work backwards. If the problem developed in the current year, run the reports by quarter to narrow down the time frame. Below is an example - the problem began in the fourth quarter in July.  By running monthly reports we determined which month was the culprit. Once we narrowed down the month, we can then look at the transactions in that month.

  • Are there journal entries in the GL AP account?  If transactions are NOT recorded in Bills, but are entered in the general ledger the two reports will be out of balance.





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