LII Contributions - Link Logos II (People) to Logos Accounting

To link Logos to Accounting, you must do the following:

Go into File, Preferences, Contributions, and mark the Save Contributions to GL during Post box.

Update the Program Links in each module: Program link can be obtained through help; It is different for every customer, so you must look here to get yours. Open the Accounting Module and go to Help/About Accounting to see the Path for the link. One example would be: c:\logoswin\gl\data

You will see there are two areas: one is the actual link (which causes LII transactions to automatically update GL) and the other is the ‘Save transactions to GL during Post’. 

The second one, “save transactions to GL…’ does not automatically update GL. It saves the items to a file and allows you to import those items. Some customers choose that one over linking them, because when you import, they actually go to the individual transactions routine where you may either delete them, edit them or post them. Keep in mind, if you want the two programs linked so the automatic update happens, you must have both of these marked. Also, if you want them unlinked, I would both remove the link and unmark the “save transactions to GL…”

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