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Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

Logos has several routines that quickly remove old data records as a way of reducing the size of data tables for optimum performance:

Delete Flagged (People → Utilities panel)  deletes individual and family records that have been flagged to be removed, also removing all data linked to those files (Pledge, Attendance, Skills/Talents/Ministry, etc.). Contribution history is retained to allow reports to reflect correct totals, but the deleted donor’s ID # is removed and reports will show the donor name as "Undefined".

Remove Prior Years History (Contributions → Utilities panel)  deletes all giving activity for a selected year and all prior years for all donors. All subsequent activity is retained.

Remove History (Attendance → Utilities panel)  deletes all group and individual attendance data for a selected year and all prior years. All subsequent activity is retained.

Delete Old Events (Event Registration → Utilities panel) — deletes all events for a selected year and all prior years. All subsequent events are retained.

Before Running One of the Above Routines…
Use the Backup routine on System & Users to backup your data to storage disks or other media. Name the backup file as "II Archive (year) YYYY-MM-DD.zip."

Defining an Archive
A system administrator can use the Maintain Users routine on the System & Users tab to create a New Data Directory called Archive. Assign one or more Usernames and Passwords to have access to that directory. To learn how to define and archive, click here.

Using an Archive
When you need to view old data —

  • Use Open Data Set on the File menu, log in with a Username defined with access to the Archive directory and select the Archive data directory.
  • Open the Restore routine and select the desired archive backup. (If the archive backup was made in an earlier version of the program, the data will automatically be converted to fit the new version.)
  • As soon as the archived backup finishes restoring, go to the Preferences → Organization tab and type "Archive (year)" in front of your Organization Name to make the program’s title bar identify that you are using an old dataset.
  • You may need to change the date in order to see Contributions, Attendance or Event information in prior years.

The above steps ensure that old and current data are kept physically separate.
CAUTION: If you ever restore a backup of old data to your active data directory (\logoswin\logos\data), be sure to first backup your current data, then use the Restore routine to temporarily access the old data. When finished, restore the current data backup.


Define an Archive


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