LII People - Print Labels

Set up members to receive newsletter
In Manage People/Misc. tab, you may use any of the miscellaneous fields to add newsletter information.

In this particular Misc field, (Misc1) You may enter any values you would like to be available as a drop down entry. So, if you want to mark some people as ‘mail’ others as ‘email’ and others as ‘none,’ you may do that here.
You may change the name of this miscellaneous field to ‘Newsletter.’

Once you change the field title, it will appear as Newsletter

Then, when you want to print labels for only those people who have Newsletter = “Mail,” you would do the following:

You may also want to select the people with .01 or .02 IDs. So you aren’t printing them for children. So, the field would be ‘ID Number’ the Operator ‘Less Than’ and the Value ‘.03’ It assumes an ‘and’ in between the statements—so this reads—Newsletter is Equal Exactly t “Mail” and ID Number is Less Than .03.

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