LII People - Manage People: Need to add many families who have the same City, State and Zipcode

How to add the city, state, and zipcode for many families all at once

First, you must enter all your people data, but for now, leave off the city, state and zip (if the zip is also the same for everyone) in the address. 


Then, click on the Quick Update icon in the People Tab



Select, Update by Search Criteria  


If you are going to update this information for ALL of your records, don’t do anything on the search criteria screen except to click Next. If you have added a group of additional people and want to add the city, state, and possibly zip code all at once, you must select these people using search criteria such as with State is Blank in the People Tab


The first option above will give you a list of everyone in your data base where the second option will give only those who meet the search criteria. If there are a few individuals whose city, st, zip are different from the rest, you will want to delete those from this list by clicking on the box in the Delete column and then the Delete button in the lower right corner. Otherwise, just click Next



Now, enter the City, State and zip code for all your members, then click Next, and keep hitting Next until you get to Process.  


  • Click Process and it will update all of the records you kept on your list with City, State, and Zip. 


  • Go back into your people record and look it up to verify. 


  • You may add any fields you want this way that you see in the Quick Update routine.
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