LII People - quick update removed flag from records

Backup your system before taking these steps in case something goes wrong and you want to revert back to the data base before you made these changes.

Also, print an Individual/Family List using this same criteria before you actually go through the Quick Update.

It will give you a list of those you will be flagging so you can go back and manually update the children and spouses later, as this quick update will really only work for .01 & .02 records.

Select the People Tab and Quick Update

Select, Update by Search Criteria and [Next]

Enter in the criteria you want to use to select only those people for whom you want to remove the flag. 1. Select Field: Flagged 3. Value: “True”

This will populate a list of all records which are flagged. Anyone on this list that you do not want to unflag, you need to mark the delete box and click the delete button. They will be removed from the list of people to unflag.

Once your list has only those people you want to unflag, click [Next]; the next screen will allow you to select which field you want to update for those records you selected. In this case, click on the ‘Flagged’ field and the check box to the left of it. This says, I want to update the Flagged field and I want it to be unmarked as flagged. Then follow all the prompts clicking [Next] until you get to the last screen which says [Process]. Click on that and all of the records will now be unflagged.

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