LII People - Quick Update Change Field Values

Backup your data. If you don’t like the results of your Quick Update, you may immediately restore the data and start again.
In the People Tab, select the Quick Update Utility.

Select the option to ‘Update by Search Criteria.

In the Search Criteria Screen, use the value for which you would like to select:

On the ‘Mark the field’ screen, scroll down to the field you want to update. In this example it is Relationship to Church. Mark the box to the left of the field and select the value in the right-hand column.

In effect, I selected only those records where relation to church was blank and then I changed it for all selected records from blank to ‘M.’ This would need to be honed to the particular need.
Proceed through all the next screens until you get to the screen with the process button in the lower right corner—and click it.
You may run Quick Update as many times as necessary.

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