LA AP - Checks: 3 Ways to Print

When you go into the AP module, Individual Transactions and create an invoice, you have three possible ways to print the checks.

One choice is to print the checks for these invoices right from the invoice screen. Once you print, commit, and post, you may find the check information in the vendor record under check history.

The second choice is to enter many invoices by clicking the ‘New Invoice’ button each time you have completed the one you are on. Once you have entered all of the invoices and click the ‘Done’ button, a screen will display which gives you a list of all the invoices you entered in this batch. At this point, you may print all of the checks for these invoices.

This example shows that I have entered three invoices, and now am clicking the ‘Print Checks’ button. Once I have printed, committed, and posted these checks, I can find the information under each Vendor in the Checks History Tab.

The third option is to post these invoices for later payment. This is used when you want to enter the invoices as soon as they get them, but not pay them until the due date. Or, it is also used if you will be accumulating several bills from the same vendor and want to pay them all at once.

To use this option, you will click the ‘Done’ button at the bottom of the transaction list screen. The next screen that displays will have all of the batches waiting to be posted. Click the ‘Select & Post Batches’ button and the screen below-right will display. Unmark any batches you do not want to post. Then click ‘Post.’

Now that you have posted without Printing, committing, and posting checks, you must go to ‘Select Items for Payment’ to print them. Again, you would do this if you entered an invoice upon receipt, but the due date is later. You would wait until the due date is approaching and then print the check. Or, you would use it if you want to pay one vendor for several invoices at once.
Select the ‘Select items for payment’ icon:
Mark each invoice you want to pay. Then, click ‘Print Checks.’

Print, commit, and post the checks. These invoices have now been paid.

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