LII Attendance - Dymo Labels

Test Dymo Printer from Windows (The printer must not be wireless)

Click on Start/Devices and Printers

Right Click on Dymo, then click on Printing Properties; (note: you may use a Brother printer in theory, but it can be difficult to get the labels configured to work with other models.)

Select the Advanced tab and click on Printing Defaults

Set the label to the 30256 /and landscape mode here in Windows.

Go into the General Tab Printing Properties and Click on [Print Test Page]

Test Dymo Printer from Go Global--- In Go Global, click on ‘File’ and Printers

Click on Edit and make sure the paper size is correct. It must be 30256 Shipping and in Landscape mode.

Highlight the Dymo printer, then click [Test Page]

Go into Manage Groups, bring up your group and make sure there is a label and a printer assigned.

Click on Select Dymo Printer, and select the printer

Click on Select Dymo Label and select a label;


Set the Active date for a date the class is scheduled to meet:

Go into Attendance Check-In. Click on Define Printer and make sure the printer is set to the correct print and mark someone present for whom a label should print

(If you were doing this for testing purposes, you may go into Update Attendance and replace the ‘P’ with a ‘.’ (a period) which is the default symbol for not present.

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