LII Attendance - How to Set Up an 8 week Recurring Class and Track Attendance in Each Cycle

To setup recurring 8 week classes, you would first set up the class in Manage Groups

Then, you would add people to the class. You may do this through Update Attendance, Add People, or through Quick Update.

Once you have added your students, you may print out a sign-in sheet to help track attendance.

You may set an End Enrollment date (or Date Removed) after which this group of students will no longer show on the Roster. You may want to wait to do this until after the last class, in case you need to extend the class for an extra week due to cancellation. Date Removed is added through Quick Update.

On June 29, 2014, these people will no longer be listed on the roster for this class, making way for the next group of enrolled students. You may enroll the next group via Quick Update or the Add New Person button on the Update Attendance screen.

There is more than one way to track which classes students have taken. You may update the Member tab for the students, checking the box, adding a date and writing in a comment. These fields and field names may be updated in Preferences, Field Text, Field Titles. You may have one that says Baptism Class Complete and another that says Baptized, and another that says New Member Class Complete.

Another option for tracking classes, is adding it to the Skills application.

You could have group and date range for when class was taken and comment when completed class.

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