LII Attendance - Manage Groups/Enroll Students

In the Attendance Module, click on Manage Groups: 


Create a new Group by clicking ‘New.’

Create as many groups as you would like.

  • Level1—The largest grouping: “Religious Education” or “Faith Formation” —allows you to make a single selection to print reports, rosters, labels for all “lower level” groups
  • Level2—Any sub-grouping of classes (e.g., Age Groups, Day of Week, Language, Type of Classes, etc.) in a large program or the actual classes themselves in a small program
  • Level3—(Optional) Sub-groupings within a Level2. In small or medium-sized programs, these are usually the actual classes. In a large program with multiple classes per grade, these may be grade levels.
  • Level4—(Optional) Sub-groupings within a Level3. For any groups where this level is needed, these are the actual classes.

Note: To keep your groups and attendance history in tact for classes that no longer meet, simply unmark the Active box. Later, if you want to bring the class up again, simply mark the show inactive groups.

To put the whole church in both/either group(s) (in my example), you may use the Quick Update program as shown below:

How to enroll a large number of people in an attendance group through Quick Update 

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