LII Attendance - Enroll students in Attendance Groups through Quick Update

How to register a large number of people to an attendance group

Click on the Attendance tab
Click on the Quick Update Icon

Selection option 2 to enroll/remove/move

Filter your records

Some other filters may be:

Please note, you may use anything you want to filter the records.
Here, since you are enrolling people into a class or worship service, you want to use criteria that indicate they are regular attenders. Also note, you may add anyone who is missed later through the Update Attendance screen.

After filtering the data, the next list is a list of all the people who you want to Enroll/Remove/Move from the Worship Service or Sunday School list. If there are people on the list you do not want to be a part of this group, you must remove them from the list.

To remove any name from this list you do not want on the list, you must mark the box to the left of the Member ID. Once you have marked all the names you want to remove from this list, click the [Delete] button.
Then, to continue with the enroll/remove/move, click [Process]

This next screen gives you the option to Enroll, Remove, or move the people from one attendance group to another. In this case, we are Enrolling our people, so we mark the Enroll option.
In addition to marking the Enroll option, you must choose the group in which you want to enroll the students. Expand the folder and then mark the group in which you want to enroll this group of people.
Also, you must pay close attention to the Date Enrolled. If you enroll them today and want to go back to last week to mark them as present, they will not show up in the group for last week’s date.

Now, click on [Next] and then on this next screen, click on [Process]. All of the people who met the criteria you entered in the filter option and did not remove from the list in step 5 will be enrolled in the ‘Doing Life’ group (or whichever group you enrolled them in.

Click the following link to remove from an attendance groups.

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