PSA L&P - Memorized Transactions: How to create, modify and delete memorized transactions

How to create, modify, and delete memorized transactions

 You can Memorize the following types of transactions in PSA:

  • Bills
  • Credit Cards
  • Deposits
  • Journal Entries

The basic steps to create Memorized Transactions are:

  1. Create a Memorized Transaction (a.k.a. transaction "template")
  2. From the "template" of a Memorized Transaction create a NEW transaction
  3. View and edit the entries created from Memorized Transactions

 Step 1-Creating a Memorized Transaction "Template" (we'll use Bills in this example)

  • Open or create a transaction in: Bills, Credit Cards, Deposits or Journal Entries
  • Click Memorize

    The software will then display a screen where you provide more information about the Memorized Transaction:

    Frequency can be: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, semi-annual, and semi-monthly.

    To view the transaction, go to Memorized → and you will see a menu of the types of transactions, and where to create a Memorized Transaction.

    In this example, we used Memorized Bills.  When we click on the Memorized Bills link, it brings up a list of Memorized bill transactions. This is simply a list, you cannot view the details of the transaction from this screen. On this screen, you can delete any memorized transaction by checking the box next to the transaction and clicking Delete.

Step 2 - Create a new transaction

Go to Memorized → Create from Memorized Transactions

It will bring up a screen that allows you to set the date for the new transaction(s).


If the dates are correct, you will see a screen like this one: check the box next to the transaction you want to create and click Submit.

If transactions are not created, check the "next date" in the Memorized Bills/CrCard/JE/Deposits screen.  In this example, if we had entered a date prior to 8/28/17 the software would not create a transaction.  Once the transaction is created it can be edited in Bills/CrCard/JE or Deposit screens.

Step 3 - Once the Bill is created from the Memorized Transaction, it can be viewed or edited, then submitted.


Note: When you Create From Memorized Transactions, Memorized transactions that have a next date in a closed period will no longer be processed for creation. 

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