CNA L&P - Memorized Transactions: How to

This article will discuss how to create, modify, and delete Memorized Transactions.

 You can Memorize the following types of transactions in CNA:

  • Bills
  • Credit Cards
  • Deposits
  • Journal Entries

The basic steps to create Memorized Transactions are:

  1. Create a Memorized Transaction (a.k.a. transaction "template")
  2. From the "template" of a Memorized Transaction create a NEW transaction
  3. View and edit the entries created from Memorized Transactions

 Step 1-Creating a Memorized Transaction "Template" (we'll use Bills in this example)

  • Open or create a transaction in: Bills, Credit Cards, Deposits or Journal Entries
  • Click Memorize

The system will then display a screen where you provide more information about the Memorized Transaction:

Frequency can be: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, semi-annual, and semi-monthly.

To view the transaction, go to Memorized>and you will see a menu of the types of transactions, and where to create a Memorized transaction.

In our example, we used Memorized Bills.  When we click on the Memorized Bills link, it brings up a list of Memorized bill transactions. This is simply a list, you cannot view the details of the transaction from this screen. n this screen, you can delete any memorized transaction by checking the box next to the transaction and clicking Delete.

Step 2 - Create a new transaction

Go to Memorized>Create from Memorized Transactions

It will bring up a screen that allows you to set the date for the new transaction(s).



If the dates are correct, you will see a screen like this one: check the box next to the transaction you want to create and click Submit.

If transactions are not created, check the "next date" in the Memorized Bills/CrCard/JE/Deposits screen.  In this example, if we had entered a date prior to 8/28/17 the system would not create a transaction.  Once the transaction is created it can be edited in Bills/CrCard/JE or Deposit screens.

Step 3 -In our example, the following Bill was created from the Memorized Transaction and can be viewed or edited, then submitted:


Note: When you Create From Memorized Transactions, Memorized transactions that have a next date in a closed period will no longer be processed for creation. 


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