CNA L&P - Bank Reconciliation: Determine Date Closed

This Article will show you how to determine the date a Bank Reconciliation was Closed.

The Bank Reconciliation Closed Date may be found in the Audit Application

This is a function of the Audit application in the Church Manager Module. If you do not have the Church Manager Tab at the top of your screen, your login is not set up with the privileges to follow these steps. You must contact your Church Administrator or Diocese to ask them to follow these steps for you or to give you the the privileges to do so.


Click on Church Manager, Audit, in the Search/Area field select Reconciliation.  


For Audit date, use the Bank Reconciliation Statement Date as the From Date and the current date as the To Date.  

Click the Search Button.  

You will see a list of Bank Reconciliations which were worked on during that time period.

Click the Expand Button for the most recent item for the Bank Account you are looking into.  

If this is the correct event, you will see the word Reconciled in the Field column and under new value you will see a 1.

The date column will give you the date the Reconciliation actually occurred

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