PSA L&P - Checks: How to Change the Check Number after Printing the Check

How to change a check number after printing the check

Depending on how your organization has set up your user options and depending on the transaction date and subsequent updates, you may follow the instructions for one of the options linked below to update your check number.


Delete Check

If the Check Date is in the Current Accounting Period and the transaction is not marked on a Bank Reconciliation, and if your Administrator has given you privileges to delete a check, you will find a Delete Button at the bottom of the Check Screen. Note: If the Check Date is in the Current Accounting Period and the transaction is not marked as reconciled but you do not have a delete button, your login does not have the privileges to delete a check. Try a different option.

  1. Delete the Check
  2. Assign the correct check number is the Bill Screen.


Change Check Numbers

If your organization has set up your software to allow you to Change Check Numbers (which is rare), and the transaction is not marked on a closed Bank Reconciliation, you may use the Change Check Numbers Process.

1. Select the correct Bank Account, 2. change the check number, 3. click Submit.

Note: if you select Process and there is no Change Check Numbers option, your organization is not set up to do so. This is a decision made by your diocese.




Void Check - Copy Bill - Assign Correct Check Number

Finally, if you do not have the Delete option for any reason, and you do not have the Change Check Numbers option, you must Void the Check and Make a Copy of the Bill, and then you may use the option to Assign the (correct) Check Number. If the correct check number shows that is has been already used in ConnectNow Accounting, you need to add an alpha character to the end of the check number. 

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