LII Contributions - Batch: Transaction Dates are Incorrect

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

The following example is of a batch that was created and posted on one date and we will change it to another.

Set your ACTIVE DATE for the date on which you want the transactions to be posted (this is for safety). Then go into Data entry. The batch will display. Click the Magnifying glass to the right of the listing at the top. Then, click Change Date at the bottom.

You will be prompted to enter the dates you want for each transaction. You may change it by date currently shown (From Date mm/dd/yy - To Date mm/dd/yy) or by line number (i.e. you could change the date for only line numbers 1-10 and leave lines 11-20 as they are). You may also edit the Batch Header information so you may update that date. Feel free to change the reference also.

When you post the batch, you will be asked which date you want to use as the deposit date in Logos Accounting. If you do not have Logos Accounting or they are not linked, just click ok.

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