LII Contributions - Manage Funds: Add fund in manage funds

How to Add a Fund in Manage Funds 

In the Contributions Tab, Select Manage Funds

Then Select New.


Click Save.

Notes on Fund Type:

There are two fund types: Regular (the default setting) and Non Deductible

Regular (the default setting):  funds for which contribution credit is given to donors.
Non Deductible: funds for which contribution credit is not given (i.e., payment of fees, purchase of books or tapes, etc.). Income credit to such funds will not be included in donor giving statements (although they can be listed separately from the regular contributions.

Active: You may unmark this check box for a fund that is no longer being used. An Inactive fund cannot be selected in any other routines in Logos II. It will not appear in any Fund list box, thus, it could not be selected for entering a new contribution or pledge or to print data only for that fund. Inactive funds will appear on reports if there is activity for that fund within the date range selected for the report and the report is not limited to specified funds. Inactive funds will not display in this Manage Funds list unless the Show Inactive Funds check box (below the grid) is marked.

Women’s Event: This check box is active only for a non-deductible fund. Mark it if the fund is used to record revenue for a women's event (retreat, conference, etc.). This allows the Non Deductible Income report and the Donor List by Fund to print only the wife's name when she and her husband are defined as a Joint account. If the optional Event Registration module is installed, it is not necessary to use this feature for event fees as that module automatically prints the name of the actual registrant(s) regardless of how the fees are paid.

Add a Sub Fund

Note: You may Add a Fund and then add several Sub Funds. When you do that, you will see a Folder for the Fund. When you open the Folder by clicking on the number for the Fund, you will see all of the Sub Funds for that Fund. To do it, add a fund just as instructed above. Then, when adding the Sub Fund, click New, put the Fund Number you just created in the Fund Number field, and tab into the Sub Fund field. Enter the Sub Fund Number there.

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