LII Contributions - Envelope Numbers: Assign, Reassign, or Add

How to change envelope numbers for the new year

Envelope Numbers:

If you change envelope numbers at the start of a new year, make sure that the Preferences → Contributions screen has the Envelope #s must be unique check box unmarked so that numbers that are currently in use can be re-assigned. Then ─

  • If you want to retain the current envelope number in addition to the newly assigned number, use the Create New Envelopes routine (Contributions → Data Entry panel), which saves the current number as the “Prior Envelope” once the Post New Envelopes routine is run.
  • Or, use Reassign Envelope Numbers in Quick Update (People → Utilities panel). These changes become active as soon as the routine is run.
  • Or, you can change individual envelope numbers from the Personal (Member) tab of the Manage People routine. These changes become active as soon as the record is saved.

To ensure you don't assign duplicate envelope numbers to your members, mark the 'Envelope Numbers Must be Unique' in File, Preferences, Contributions.

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