LA Payroll - W2: Submit Federal W2 Electronically

You must purchase the functionality to electronically file the W2 through Logos. To do so, call your account representative. You will be given the add-on serial number and must go to System & Users, Add-ons, highlight the application, add the serial number, and click done


You must first process the W2 & W3s in that order to Send W2’s to Social Security and/or to Send W2’s to State. If you miss a step, you will get a reminder. 

To process the W2 (and then W3), go into Payroll, W-2's


 After processing the W3’s , you may select the option to Send W2’s to Social Security Administration (EFW2).  (see next page) 

 Send W2’s to Social Security Administration (EFW2) 



 Send W2’s to State 

When you mark, ‘Send W2’s to State,’ and if you have not yet processed the W2s (or W3s), you will get the message shown below. First select W2 (then W3) and process those through the ‘finish’ button.  Then select, Send W2’s to State. The example below is for Alabama. 


 The following screens will display (but for your own state). 


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