LII Contributions - To void a single contribution

When a contribution was entered for the wrong donor (or envelope number), the only recompense is to void that one contribution and to re-add it.

CONSIDERATIONS: If your Logos II software is linked to the Accounting software, the voided item will automatically be posted to GL removing that deposit. However, when you then add the contribution under the correct donor or envelope number, this will also automatically post to GL. We recommend that you set your Active date to the date of the contribution. You then mark the transaction to use transaction date for updating GL.

If there is no link, but the items are imported into GL, you may alert the bookkeeper, and let her know that she may delete these two batches. This is because, they really have no affect on the books. You are essentially creating first a credit entry and then a debit entry to the exact same account for the same date. Either way, no harm done.

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