LII People - How to Flag a Member Record in Logos II Manage People

This article will show you how to flag a person in Logos as well as how to delete all flagged records

"Flagging" a person’s record blocks it from printing on most* reports and gives the option to Show or not show in various program lists. Flagged records may be deleted from the database by running the Delete Flagged routine on the Utilities panel (see page 2). This two-step deletion process is a protection against deleting a record in error, as well as a means of retaining useful information in Logos while blocking those names from most reports. Also, some organizations choose to never delete records (except in the case of duplicates), preferring to flag them when appropriate, but leaving them in the database.

A record that has been flagged will be noted as "(Flagged)" after the person’s ID Number and Name at the top of each tab. An asterisk (*) will display in the Del column on the Search tab.

You may then print a Profile report for the flagged individual/family if you want to retain a permanent document in your files.

When a record is flagged, the Publish to Web check box on the Personal (Member) tab should be cleared. If the record has been synchronized to Logos Ministry Connection data on the Web that data will then be deleted and the Logos II "Web Key" fields are cleared. If the flagged records are then restored, it can again by set to Publish to Web and the individual can be synchronized to the Web once more.


Delete Flagged Records
*Contribution reports will still print to the flagged person. If this person has been flagged because they are deceased, to omit their name from the contribution letter, you must 1) make the Account Type for each ‘Single’ and then 2) transfer their contribution history to the living spouse. If they do not have a spouse, you probably still want to mail the contribution letter to the estate, leaving the deceased person’s name on the letter.

You will be prompted to backup your data first, then this will display:

From this screen, you may simply print a list of flagged people, delete only those with a certain Rel. to Church code, or by the contributions criteria listed.
To delete a duplicate record with no attendance or contribution history, select the record and click delete:

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