Logos Ministry Connect - Implementation Steps (5-38) (Admin: Setup)

                 Topic: Steps for Successful Implementation Program

Logos Ministry Connection

Successful use of a ministry tool such as Logos Ministry Connection is as much a matter of planning
and communication as of learning how the tool operates. Logos Ministry Connection is both a resource
for your staff and a benefit to your members and donors. The following Steps identify a series of
important actions that will accomplish your ministry goals as you begin to use Ministry Connection.

Step One: Verify that you have received the Ministry Connection CD, containing Video Tutorials, the
Logos Sync Utility, and useful Promotional Materials. Watch Video 1, Video 2, and read through the
Sync_Utility.pdf document. Install the Sync Utility by double clicking on the Setup.exe file.

Step Two: Watch Video 3 and setup your administrator records as instructed.

Step Three: Arrange for key staff and volunteers to attend one of our free, regularly scheduled one hour
online training sessions. The training schedule can be found by visiting
www.logoscms.com/basics, or call 1-800-266-3311 x1640.Take some time after the session to discuss
some of the benefits you want to implement and think about other people from your organization that
may need to get involved at this point.

Step Four: Key staff and volunteers begin to use the software. Watch and distribute additional training
videos included on the Ministry Connection CD as needed.

Step Five: Present the new communication tools to some smaller groups within your organization,
making use of the promotional documents included on the Ministry Connection CD. Publish the link on
your website. Be creative!

Step Six: Present Ministry Connection to your entire organization, with your key people and initial users
acting as ambassadors.

Step Seven: Periodically introduce new members/visitors to Ministry Connection. It’s a great way for
new people to get connected and stay connected!

As always, should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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